Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adding jars to the project

It just occurred to me that if you have this feed copied to your livejournal friends list you're going to hate me, because there's no way that I know of to hide crap behind a cut. So, er, sorry. But this is mostly for my future reference, and so being spammy is good from my perspective. And maybe if somebody else needs a hand in the future they might find these posts and get something good out of them.

So, I made a 'quickstart' project in MyEclipse, and added it to the deployments listed under my Tomcat 6 server in the 'servers' tab.

Now it's time to download and add 24 jar files to my project. Although MyEclipse 6 doesn't support Struts 2 yet, I'm going to try and handle the Hibernate jars with MyEclipse's "add Hibernate capabilities" feature, let's see how this goes. I need the Hibernate Core, Hibernate Annotations, and Hibernate Entity Manager features, 16 jars in all.

This guide says I need antlr.jar, asm.jar, asm-attrs.jar, cglib.jar, dom4j.jar, jdbc2_0-stdext.jar, ehcache.jar, hibernate3.jar, xml-apis.jar, and commons-collections.jar from the Hibernate Core. MyEclipse provides all of these in the Hibernate 3.1 Core Libraries module; it also adds commons-logging, jaas, jaxen beta (I have no idea what jaxen is), jta, log4j, and xerces.

The quickstart guide says that Hibernate Annotations should provide ejb3-persistence.jar, jta.jar, and hibernate-annotations.jar. MyEclipse's Hibernate Core gives jta.jar. The other two aren't provided by MyEclipse, so I will need to grab them.

The quickstart guide says that "Hibernate Entity Manager" should provide
hibernate-entitymanager.jar, javassist.jar, and jboss-archive-browsing.jar. MyEclipse's library plugin does not provide any of these, so I'll have to go grab them as well. No problem.

For now I'll add the Hibernate 3.1 Core library to my project, and go out and get the other Hibernate libraries that I need. I'll take the defaults for the Hibernate config file (putting it in src/hibernate.cfg.xml) because I don't have strong opinions about where it belongs.

Hm. After another page of the wizard, the wizard is now asking me about creating Hibernate SessionFactory classes and stuff. I'd better check the quickstart to see if it's got suggestions as to how I should set that junk up.

After reviewing the quickstart, I'm going to hold off on having a wizard-created SessionFactory. I can always create one later if I need it.

OK, that's done. Now I notice the quickstart has references to spring.jar. I could probably just enable the Spring capabilities within MyEclipse. MyEclipse's Spring 2.0 Core libraries includes a lot of stuff that I may not need. If I were working with a team I would probably hold off for the time being, but since it's just me and I'm confident that I know what's in all these jars, I'll add them all wizardishly too.

By default MyEclipse wants Spring's applicationContext.xml in "src". I know I don't want it there; the quickstart wants it in WebRoot/WEB-INF/ and I am inclined to agree, so off it goes. Also, I'm not going to create a Spring LocalSessionFactory, because the quickstart appears to be doing things differently.

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