Saturday, January 26, 2008

Exciting News

As you might have guessed, my productivity isn't quite as high with ColdFusion as it is in a Java web app environment. It took me a couple of days this last week to develop an embarrassingly small number of components and unit tests in CF.

I haven't been whining out loud about ColdFusion quite as much as I've been complaining on this blog, but several related activities, combined with some whining, and my lack of productivity, have led us to general agreement that we're going to be remediating this application's problems using Struts 2, Spring, and probably Hibernate. I'm very happy about this, as you might imagine.

I haven't used Struts 2 on a real app yet, although I have used Struts 1. I'll probably be using this blog in part as a Struts 2 linkdump, and partly as a description / walkthrough as I learn. I'm really looking forward to it.

My first link to dump, courtesy of client coworker: how to set up a Struts 2 project in MyEclipse 6.

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