Friday, February 1, 2008

Well that was funny

I only had to change the URLs in hibernate.cfg.xml and in applicationContext.xml. That's good and easy.

Things didn't work for a sec, because in the 'real' database that I'm now using, Users aren't stored in a 'user' table, they are stored in, let's say, a table called 'bogus_user'. With Hibernate 2 I would have known to go into User.hbm.xml and modify the table name reference, but the current quickstart project uses Hibernate 3 annotations. I checked the docs quickly, suspecting I need to change the @Entity annotation on the User class. The docs pointed me at the free Chapter 2 sample of the Manning Java Persistence with Hibernate book. It showed that I needed to add @Table(name="bogus_user") to the User class declaration. I did that, and redeployed.

This time I ran into a hilarious error. The bogus_user table has thousands of entries, and my simpleminded script was trying to display all of them at once. So -- next step -- limit the number of entries returned. That will be after lunch, as my wife and I are going to meet for lunch for the first time in ages.

I'll probably be buying that Manning book this weekend.

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